Monday, July 19, 2010

Bukit Keteri (Keteri Hill)

Bukit Keteri

For the past nine years since I taught in secondary schools near this hill, almost every day I went through the same route through the Bukit Keteri, it seems like the twin towers that stood here from the past, now  and forever.

Among the point of  interests in the Bukit Keteri  is sports climbing. Almost every week I saw a number of foreign tourists who travel to climb this hill. From the information I get, this hill is one of the most difficult hill to climb in Asia. See u up there!

An outcrop of limestone situated at the village Bukit Keteri in Perlis northern of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Takes 4-5hrs drive from city of Kuala Lumpur. The crag has bolted about 50 sport climbing routes from 5A to 8C by international climbing team Mammut & Camp5. Crown Prince of Perlis and his Wife were the first to climb at this crag and the hardest route ‘Nix fuer Lutscher’ 8C+ has been sent by David Lama and Cedric Lachat during the bolting expedition.

Type of rock and climb: Limestone/Sport climbing

Difficulty: 4A to 8C+

No of Routes: Approximately 50
Length of Route: 12m to 30m
No of Bolts: 8 to 13

Nearest Address: Bukit Keteri, 02500 Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia
GPS Coordinates: Longitude: 100.262784 Latitude: 6.517926

Getting there:

By Car

From KL via North-South-Highway; exit at Changlun to Kangar.

From Kangar on Road 7 direction Padang Besar. After about 7km turn right at Beseri at a large T-Junction with Traffic Light; direction Mata Ayer. Shortly after crossing the Railway you reach
another T-Junction (about 2km from first junction; just after a bridge; there is a large cement factory at the right hand side); here you head left direction Padang Besar. The crag appears at the right hand side after about 300m, standing in a padi field opposite a Mosque. A small dirt road directly leads to the foot of the rock, however, it is recommended to park the car further away or at the main road and walk the remaining 100m by feet.

The owner of the food store just right opposite road of the crag is friendly and they offer campsite upon request. However Home-stay, chalet and hotels is available in the town of Kangar, It’s takes about 30mins from town to the climbing crag.


Car-park: road side parking
Rain Shelter: Not available
Washroom: Not available within the climbing area, visit the food store opposite the road
Shop/Stores: not available within the climbing sites

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Malay's Perlis Wedding Ceremony

Malay's Wedding Ceremony

In one of the Malays wedding ceremony that I attend , at one moment I felt that this event truly unique and different because of the arrival of groom and delegation was celebrated with guests who attended the reading of prayer. All of guest stood still and with a humble heart we heard and all hands to catch up to sky and pray for blessings and forgiveness from the Almighty God ... My heart was touched ...

Matri Village, Tunjung, Perlis, Malaysia. Nov 2009

The Biggest Sugar Cane Plantations in Malaysia

The Biggest Sugar Cane Plantations in Malaysia. (8 062 hectars)
Chuping, Perlis, Malaysia

Chuping is a small town in Perlis. It got its name from a limestone hill known as Bukit Chuping. The area is well suited to sugar cane which is extensively grown and processed in refineries. There are also cement plants which supply some of the country's requirements.
From the North South Expressway, take the Jitra Selatan exit (Interchange 181) and get onto the trunk road headed for Kodiang and Kangar (Highway K3). Kuala Perlis is 48km from this exit. Public transportation connecting Kuala Perlis and Kangar is also available daily.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunset At Kuala Perlis, Perlis, Malaysia

Sunset At Kuala Perlis, Perlis, Malaysia
Yesterday, I and my family members had the opportunity to enjoy the sunset on the sea in Kuala Perlis. After seeing the beautiful sunsets and feel the cool of east wind blowing in the dry season . our family also had the opportunity to performe maghrib prayers in the mosque at Sungai Berembang, not far from there. 7:15 pm, 11th Disember2009.